• ZOTAC ZBOX nano AQ02 & AQ02 Plus Review
  • Can You Really Charge your cell phone in 30 seconds ??
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OrCam Smart Glass Gifting sight to Visually-Impaired

Smart Glass is gaining popularity with a rapid pace. Till yet, it was getting used for entertainment devices like smartphones and gaming devices but now smart glass has touched human life from more close. OrCam has invented to use this technology for visually-impaired to even lighten their lives by giving them sight. For those who […]

Can You Really Charge your cell phone in 30 seconds ??

With the ever increasing craze of Smartphones, the battery management power is also increasing with same pace. Almost all of the smartphones have battery life of maximum one day or less. So all smartphone users really need battery management in their daily schedule and sometimes they abuse this. But hey I got one good news […]

The Different Eras of Gaming

The entire gaming industry encompasses various platforms that make gamers drawn to their favorite method of enjoying a particular game. If the whole gaming industry is plotted like a pie, this is actually sliced according to the percentage of users. In other words, each platform has its own share of gamers and the larger cut […]

ZOTAC ZBOX nano AQ02 & AQ02 Plus Review

  “We Don’t know why company has named it Mini-PC, it should be named Tiny-PC cause it is at no front less than any full size normal PC . We are really impressed with it’s performance and portability. It is now in our best computing solutions list. “ Introduction Zotac is the king when it […]

CERT-In Reported Security flaws in Android KitKat and Jelly Been OS

Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In), a nodal agency to combat hacking, phishing and to fortify security-related defences of the Indian Internet domain, has recently detected a security flaw in latest Android OS 4.4 titled Kitkat and it’s previous version 4.3 titled jelly bean. CERT-In,in its report, stated that Android’s (virtual private network) VPN implementation(a web-based […]

Now LinkedIn also added Feature to Block other Members

Finally, LinkedIn has added long-requested feature which allows it’s users to block other members who just need unwanted attention from other members. LinkedIn, on Friday, brought a good news for it’s loyal users by adding feature of “Block Unwanted members” where people put efforts to make long-term commercial relationship. Previously users were not able to do this […]

What is the Best Thermal Paste?

  We all know about thermal paste- that gooey stuff you stick between a processor (or anything that needs cooling, really) and the heat sink. Since thermal compound is responsible for dissipating heat to your cooler, it’s important to pick the best thermal paste possible. Most users can get by with the stock thermal compound […]