Finally! Amazon Alexa Reached to Windows 10


The day which many of the geeks were awaiting from last few months has finally come.

Amazon Alexa app functionality finally reached to Windows 10 official store. Till now, it was only available for Official Alexa Devices and some selected Windows 10 Laptops & Desktops.

Now, this functionality has been extended to masses who are using Windows 10 as their Operating System.

So it’s a day to cheer for those who were waiting for this eagerly.

Although this extension isn’t as much powerful as it’s counterpart, Original Alexa Device, still it could be a good compliment for Windows 10 Users.

Users must have compliant hardware along with Windows 10 Off course to use the provided functionality to it’s maximum.

If your PC isn’t fully-compatible, you can press the button in the Alexa app to speak to the digital assistant or press a keyboard shortcut.

If you have no clue about Alexa, you should see this first 

What Has Alexa Got For You (While on Windows 10 OS)?

Below mentioned are the most exciting Features we have discovered so far with this extension, but it’s not limited to –

  • Music Control On Amazon Music
  • Controlling Smart Home Devices
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • Calls/Video Calls

Currently, this version doesn’t support general Windows Features, but Amazon has stated that those features will be added by 2019.

Well, this is a big limitation but it shouldn’t stop you from playing with Alexa by asking it questions, match scores, navigational help, weather, etc.

We will list more features here as we discover them over the time.

So please share your experience with this extension in the comment section below. We would love to discover many more new features together.

So Stay tuned!

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